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My first exposure to our world was in 1951, the day of my birth. I was raised in California and still reside here, using the state as a wonderful base camp. Early in life I nurtured a love for an outdoors lifestyle and an affinity for all which was in and of the natural world. My focus of experiencing life and a love for life is divided between what I personally record through my senses and what I am able to Capture Kindly through optics, receptors and sensors of a digital camera.

I have chosen the subject of wildlife, as it exemplifies a very slight moment in the precious history of now. Landscapes are a record of our magnificent Universe from an unfathomable time of evolution and presence. Yet unlike entities of flesh and blood, they are more permanent and less fleeting than the heartbeats which are temporarily here for us to acknowledge, appreciate and protect.

All images collected are subject to an emotion which touches and is valued by each of our personal history of encounters. The catalyst of a photograph offers us that spontaneous connection between animal and man from experiences within, which goes beyond the reaches of what is readily and consciously understood. If any feeling, pleasant or wretched, is experienced from a photograph, then the photographer has been successful.

My desire is to share some of the beauty of our Natural World, in hopes that a feeling of contentment and calm shall be realized. On a rare occasion I would hope for anger and outrage when viewing injustices to the ones who depend on us for their survival. Hopefully, it shall then be possible to take the necessary steps to ensure the continuance of the Earth's native species.